Comparing 6 Most Commonly Used Body Hair Removal Options: The Good And The Bad

Have you felt like your unwanted body hair has stopped you from wearing that top or that dress you really wanted to wear? Well, in that case, you are not alone. Despite the fact that body hair is something completely normal and you do not have to remove it if you don’t want to, some people feel more confident by removing it. I personally suffer from PCOS and one of the effects it has on me is excessive unwanted body hair.

When I was looking into the most reliable method for my unwanted body hair removal for myself, a friend of mine told me about this Cosmetologist in Islamabad who has extensive experience in this field. I came to know that there are different methods of removing your body here, most of which are temporary while only a few of them are permanent. Here is a brief description of some of the methods along with the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

Temporary Hair Removal Options

Usually, with temporary hair removal methods, hair tends to grow back within two to six weeks as hair growth varies from person to person. These methods are usually cheap and have a very little downtime.


It is the easiest, cheap, and probably the most pain-free method for hair removal from arms and legs. The only drawback, however, is that hair grows back really fast after shaving and most of the time it is ingrown hair which might be annoying because you cannot remove them until they are fully grown.


Again, it is easy and cheap but might not be as painless as shaving. It is commonly used for facial hair removal. But it does not leave any ingrown hair if done properly so that’s a plus. The disadvantages of threading are that it is temporary and might be painful for some people


Among all the temporary hair removal methods, waxing lasts the longest from keeping unwanted hair grow back. It can be used for the whole body. The only drawback is that it might be painful and some people might be sensitive to the specific wax.

Hair Removal Creams

Another pain-free temporary unwanted hair removal method is using hair removal creams. It is cheap and easy and mostly used to remove unwanted hair from arms and legs but has its own drawbacks. For example, some of the ingredients might be harmful to the skin. Also, women of color often complain that it causes hyperpigmentation.

Permanent Hair Removal Options

Temporary hair removal methods can be very exhausting for some people and the pain might not be worth it. This is why it is better to look for a permanent solution if you can afford one.


Electrolysis is a process where they intend to destroy your hair follicles by using shortwave radio frequencies distributed through fine needles. Although it is declared as a permanent hair removal method by the FDA, it is advised to have a couple of follow-up sessions to make sure hair growth stops completely. It rarely has any side effects and can be used anywhere on the body. The only obvious drawback is its high cost. And sometimes minor rashes or redness that lasts for a few hours.

Laser Hair Removal

Just like electrolysis, the laser hair removal method involves placing the high-heat laser directly over the hair follicle in order to destroy it. It can be used anywhere on the body except the eye area and requires a couple of follow-ups to complete the process. Besides being expensive the downside of the process is that it is semi-permanent. Meaning that results only last for a few months to a few years. Also, it might not be effective for dark-skinned people or people with little to a difference between their skin and unwanted body hair color. Just like electrolysis treatment, it can cause minor redness or rashes for a few hours after the treatment while in very rare cases, it can cause blisters or scars too.


In the end, whichever method you go for, make sure you weigh your pros and cons wisely. Also, make sure that you go to a certified professional for the treatment who can be trusted.

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Different temporary and permanent hair removal methods like shaving, waxing, threading, hair removal creams, electrolysis, and laser hair removal are widely used by cosmetologists. Each one of them has its own pros and cons.


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