Looking for a reliable and affordable logistics partner within Indonesia? Deliveree Indonesia are the right people. Offering various services all under one platform, they are your ideal logistics partner. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons your business needs to higher their services.

Nationwide Coverage

Deliveree Indonesia knows no boundary in Indonesia. Their fleets transport various products in all parts of Indonesia. No matter the size, distance or time; your good will be delivered as per the scheduled time and date. All you need to do is just book and transportation of your product is well underway.

Variety of Vehicles

Depending on the size of the product and the destination, Deliveree Indonesia has the right vehicle for you. From large vehicles to mini vehicles, choose the vehicle type you need and it will be at your business’ door. You will be able to view the details of the various vehicles on the website.

Detailed Website

A user friendly and detailed website gives DelivereeIndonesia an edge in the logistics market. The simple to use website interface will save you time. You will be able to easily check the vehicle type you need, the price rates and even make a booking online.

In addition, there is also a mobile app to facilitate service provision.

Reliable Customer Service

It is not a must you visit the offices to get the logistics services. The live chat feature on the website helps you to timely sort out your queries. The customer service works round the clock to not only ensure the customers’ get world class services but also sort out issues with the drivers.

For these and more reasons, Deliveree Indonesia is your ultimate logistics partner in Indonesia. You will freely move your products within Indonesia efficiently. Boost your business’ or company’s logistics by getting in touch.

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