Benefits of AARP Medicare Advantage plans

AARP Medicare Advantage plans are also referred to as Medicare Part C. This plan is open for those who have Medicare Part A (which is the hospital insurance) and Part B (which is the medical insurance). Those who have obtained Part C can consider it as an alternative way to receive their Medicare benefits. Medicare Advantage plans are available at private insurance companies that have contracts with Medicare. They should also provide at least the same amount of coverage that is offered by Medicare Part A and Part B. If you are yet to decide whether to go for the Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage plan, mentioned below are some benefits associated with AARP Medicare Advantage plans



  • AARP Medicare Advantage plans usually offer more benefits compared to Original Medicare


When it comes to AARP Medicare Advantage plans, they offer the same or more features compared to Medicare Part A and Part B. The plan will cover aspects like routine vision and dental care, hearing aids, fitness center charges and drug prescriptions. 



  • AARP Medicare Advantage plans may be affordable


Your insurer will decide the amount you have to pay as the AARP Medicare Advantage plan premium. The premium can differ from one plan to another. The best thing is that some of the AARP Medicare Advantage plans can have $0 premiums as well. 


Under the Medicare Advantage, you may be able to less cost-sharing as well. For instance, you may end up paying a copayment of $10 upon visiting a primary care physician under this plan. Nevertheless, if you get the same kind of treatment under the Original Medicare plan, you will have to bear 20% coinsurance and it can exceed $10. 


With a Medicare Advantage plan, you will be able to expect limited out-of-pocket expenses. After spending the maximum amount, you will have to pay nothing (for the medical services that are covered) within that respective year. When it comes to Original Medicare, that does not offer any limit on out-of-pocket expenses. As a result, the amount you will pay is unpredictable. 


In most of the cases, the cost of Medicare Advantage plans can be less expensive than the same amount of coverage you may receive under Original Medicare. To receive all the benefits related to Medicare Advantage with Original Medicare, you should go for a stand-alone Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (Part D). Also, you will have to go for a Medicare Supplement plan. So, AARP Medicare Advantage plans are generally affordable. 



  • AARP Medicare Advantage plans offer coordinated health care 


AARP Medicare Advantage plans are empowered with a network of healthcare providers. For instance, HMO offers such plans. As per those HMO plans, you should choose a PCP (Primary Care Provider) to help to coordinate the health care you would like to receive. 

On top of all those benefits, AARP Medicare Advantage plans provide you one-stop solutions for all the medical prescriptions as well. Most of the plans combine medical and Part D coverage. In addition to that, there are many plans that offer added healthcare benefits (such as dental, vision, hearing care, etc.) as well.


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