The Best Free Ways to download any Video off the Internet

If you are a regular user of social media, you are probably watching a lot of video content daily. If you want to know how to save videos with free tools, we have described the best free methods in this article. From social media websites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to other video sharing apps like YouTube and DailyMotion, you should know how to save videos off the internet.

Save Videos from Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook are full of video content and millions of videos are shared daily. If you want to save any video on your device for future use, here are some free ways to download videos off the internet for free.

Save Videos Directly to your Device                                

Most of the embedded videos use MP4 extension so you don’t any extra tool or service for such videos. You can easily save these videos to your device with few steps. Once you have played your video on Twitter or any other site, just click on the video and open the drop-down menu by clicking the right button on the computer or by pressing the option button on the mobile app.

If the video will be in MP4 format, you can easily save video off the internet like you save any image off the internet. This method of downloading videos does not work for all formats but you can try this method for your videos. If you want to try other methods for downloading the free videos of the internet, here are other free methods too.

Use Online Video Downloader

There are several online video downloaders available that you can use to download videos off the internet. These video downloaders work for free and you don’t need to install any extra downloader tool. You can use these free video downloaders for almost any social media and video sharing website or app.

Using these free video downloading sites is really easy and you can use the tool even if you are using the tool for the very first time. If you want to know how to save videos from Twitter, go to any free video downloader site and start downloading the video.

Once you have opened the free video downloader, enter the link of the video in the box given on the site and choose the video quality and start downloading the video instantly.

How to save Videos from Twitter or Facebook?

Many video downloading apps don’t work with Twitter and Facebook videos. In case you don’t know how to save videos from Twitter or Facebook, you use the online video downloader to download videos from Twitter and Facebook too.

To save videos from Twitter, open the video on your browser or mobile app and then copy the link to the post or Tweet. Once you have copied the link to the video or the Tweet, paste that video link or Tweet link to the online video downloader and your video will be saved to your device for free.

Desktop Video Downloaders

There are several video downloaders and tools that you can use to download the videos off the internet. You can install a video downloader from the Play Store or App Store for your mobile. The same method goes for downloading videos from the desktop browsers.

Although this method works for almost all the videos and sites if you don’t have these tools and need to download videos instantly, you can go for the free online video downloaders that require no installation or downloading of the tool.


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