What are the most popular Humana Medicare Advantage plans?

The Humana Medicare Advantage plans are designed to offer a complementary set of features aside from the regular Medicare coverage. Of course, the plans will differ based on your needs, and you are free to choose whatever plan offers you the best value and quality. It’s important to understand the challenges that can arise and how everything can be tackled accordingly, and in this case every detail really matters to deliver a very good and comprehensive experience. There are 4 Humana Medicare Advantage plans, and here we will cover all of them to see which one suits your needs the most.

HMO plans

The health maintenance organization plan is very interesting because it gives you a very affordable monthly plan. You have prescription drug coverage that’s better than Medicare, emergency coverage anywhere in the world, coverage for the annual preventive screenings, as well as hospitalization coverage. And you will also have a SilverSneakers fitness program inclusion too, which is very helpful.

PPO plans

With the Humana Medicare Advantage PPO plans you will have the option to visit any of the Medicare doctors that are either within or outside of your provider network. As long as those doctors accept the Humana plan terms, you will be fine here. You will also have a lower cost share when you remain in the network, which is an extremely important thing to keep in mind here. This covers in-network home care, coverage for screenings, prescription drug coverage and emergency coverage outside the US.


The private fee for service plans are interesting because they offer you the flexibility to pay only when you need medical assistance. You are covered by Medicare-approved doctors. You will also receive coverage for most of the preventive screenings. There’s also hospitalization coverage and prescription drug coverage.


SNPs are special needs plans and they are widely popular. The SNP Humana Medicare Advantage plans tend to combine the benefits of Medicare with prescription drug coverage. However, these plans are only accessible for people that have a qualifying condition. Usually, this needs to be a chronic health problem, and you need to address that the best way that you can. 

Humana has 2 different SNP Humana Medicare Advantage plans. First, you have the Chronic Condition SNP which covers people with either diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, chronic heart failure, kidney disease in the end stages or chronic lung disorders. Then there’s the Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans that are suitable for people that have Medicare and which are also eligible from a state Medicaid program!


As you can see, each one of the Humana Medicare Advantage plans comes with great coverage and its own set of benefits. You need to assess the situation and actively figure out what approach works for you. There are many challenges to deal with here, but at the end of the day what really matters is how you approach everything and what Humana Medicare Advantage plans work for you. Asking for assistance as you pick the best program is important, and there are many great options to pursue here.


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